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The new worldwide water exercise craze

FREE for all Members!

30 minute FloatFit classes. Just add water… 

Ahoy there… FloatFit is a revolutionary new way to keep fit in the pool and have fun while you're doing it. 

FloatFit is a global wonder; already there are thousands of happy FloatFitters worldwide, with many more keen to see what the fuss is all about. 

Now you can discover the joys of FloatFit for yourself, exclusively at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. 

FloatFit: the low-impact programme designed to give you a full body workout, exercising all the parts other fitness classes can't reach 

Perfect for every age and ability, FloatFit blends high-intensity interval training with yoga-inspired magic, all stirred together into the healthiest and most enjoyable
half-hour on the water you'll find anywhere.

Better-than-ever results… in a worldbeating water workout! 

FloatFit classes are fantastic for anyone who's happy to work out in water to keep fit. Whether you're relatively inactive or you enjoy Olympian levels of energy.


Coordination & balance

Cardiovascular fitness

Increased Flexibility

Enhanced posture

Mental Wellbeing

Muscular strength 

But hurry – FloatFit places are limited!

With FloatFit it's first come, first served. And places are limited to 10 people per FloatFit session. Right now, members and non-members alike are knocking at our door wanting to find out more. So don't delay. Be first out of the traps to discover the watery wonders of FloatFit. 

Contact 01934 425900 or Register below – and be sure of your place on Hutton Moor Leisure Centre's FloatFit sessions. The places are floating away… and FAST!